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TSP Table Tennis

TSP Galleon Offensive Table Tennis Blade

TSP Galleon Offensive Table Tennis Blade

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TSP Galleon Offensive 5 Ply Power Topspin Blade

TSP Galleon is a beautifully designed classic offensive blade from TSP's Japan series. The 5-ply all-wood blade distinguishes itself by its typical Japan-made workmanship and excellent handling features. The ply structure of the Galleon is made for high-speed topspin play, with the outer Koto ply providing for extra speed when attacking. The slightly thicker core ply guarantees excellent feedback plus great feel and control in all kinds of strokes.

Manufacturer Specifications

Playstyle: OFF

Construction: 5 ply wood

Wooden ply: 5

Weight: ca. 88g

Handle: FL, ST

Speed: 99

Control: 87


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