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Victas Firefall HC - Offensive Plus Table Tennis Blade

Victas Firefall HC - Offensive Plus Table Tennis Blade

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Victas Firefall HC - Offensive Plus Table Tennis Racket

The Fire Fall HC is the fastest blade of the Victas Fire Fall series. Manufactured for the modern offensive player seeking power, this high-quality HC, which is made by weaving high-strength carbon fiber into a hex shape, is sandwiched by the "Dynacore" design.
It is a super-aggressive blade that emphasizes repulsion and exerts its power across the entire blade face.

The combination of five carefully selected hardwood veneer plies, combined with the stability and elasticity of aramid-carbon fiber, make the Fire Fall HC a world-class racquet with outstanding power.

Produced with Japanese Expertise and German Know-How, Fire Fall HC is a world-class blade, suitable for the professional player, and for you.

Manufacturer Specifications:

Composition: 5 wood + 2C
Speed: Offensive Plus
Racket thickness: 6.2 mm
Racket size: 157 mm x 150 mm
Grip size: Length 100 mm x Thickness 23 mm (FL) / 22 mm (ST)
Racket weight: 89  weight (g)

About Victas Firefall Blade: The blades of the brand-new Victas Fire Fall series were developed based on the Dynamic Core Effect: Each Fire Fall Blade consists of 5 carefully chosen wooden plies.

Combined with High-Tech Fiber material placed directly on the core ply, the effect is a perfectly balanced combination of speed and feel of classic all-wood blades. Fire Fall blades are combined with an elastic and stable aramid carbon synthetic fiber and five wood plies. This is why Victas Fire Fall blades have more feel than other carbon blades in the offensive class segment.

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