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Victas Sleek One Super Japanese Penhold Combo Special

Victas Sleek One Super Japanese Penhold Combo Special

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Victas Sleek One Super Japanese Penhold Combo Special for the experienced player.

The Victas Sleek One features controlled power, spin and speed and its components are Victas Sleek 1 Japanese Penhold Racket with Ventus Extra Rubber

Are you looking to take your Japanese Penhold Game the next level

This Victas apanese Penhold Combo Special is geard to give extra power and spin. Pre-Assembled rackets are great, but they are limited. The Sleek One , will arm you with power sponge and a control racket. Superior spin with a high control balance racket will take your Japanese Penhold game to the next level. Specifications:


Victas Sleek 1 Allround Japanese Penhold Racket.

Forehand: Ventus Extra Rubber - Choose rubber thickness - 1.8 for more Control, 2.0 for balance, max for speed

This is a perfect combination for one who wants to elevate his or her game with a professional racket. We will make and assemble this blade for you by first adding a layer of varnish to seal the wood and then place the pre-packaged rubber on the forehand and backhand rubber this world class Japanese Penhold blade. Have questions Please call us and we will help you select the best combination racquet and rubber for your game. Enjoy!

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