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Vinqui Ltd

Vinqui Table Tennis Partners Interlocking Pendant

Vinqui Table Tennis Partners Interlocking Pendant

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Vinqui Table Tennis Partners Interlocking Pendant. For the Love of Table Tennis Forever.

The Partners Pendant consists of two separable solid 925 silver table tennis bat pendants. Both table tennis bats are set with a half heart-shaped pink ruby encircled with 18k gold plating. The handles of both bats are set with a small diamond.

The two bats can be shared between partners, as worn by the 2010/11 English National Mixed Doubles Champions Paul Drinkhall and Joanna Parker. Alternatively, the Partners Pendant can be linked and worn by one person.

Manufacturer Specifications:

Material: 925 Silver

Stone Type: Diamond

Necklace Style: Pendant

Necklace Size: Top Bat: 26.1mm x 16.5mm x 8.78mm

Bottom Bat: 29.33mm x 18.62mm x 9.58mm

Chain Style: FREE Stainless Steel Chain

 About the Manufacturer: Vinqui (VQ) makes jewelry and other personal products to celebrate the sacrifices we make to achieve our goals. VQ rewards us back for all the desserts we skipped, the parties we missed, and the full nights sleep we rarely get. VQ makes jewelry for us, for our teammates, our spouse, our mentors and our family. Its about letting others know that without we there is no me. Its about them never giving up on us, whatever the odds.

VQ does not make the trophies for the top finishers; VQ makes the jewelry that rewards the rest of us. This is because VQ understands that we have already won. We have given everything we have, leaving nothing to regret and no matter where everyone else ends up, we have arrived at our personal summit.

Care and Maintenance: Please treat the Table Tennis Pips Out Pendant as a treasured item. We recommend that you clean this item using only a certified silver cleaning product. Contact your local jeweler for more information.

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