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XIOM Table Tennis

XIOM 19 Allround S - Table Tennis Blade

XIOM 19 Allround S - Table Tennis Blade

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Xiom 19 Allround S - Table Tennis Blade

The Xiom Allround S is designed for a balanced attacking game with maximum control.

19 Allround S is a 5-ply wood blade perfect for players who use a mix of offensive and defensive shots. The blade is slower than the 19 Offensive S blade, but offers more control. The slightly bigger and thinner face fits well with softer and thicker sponges. The blade is designed for close to mid distance play and for players who use heavy topspin shots more than smashes. The blade is also recommended for youth and those just learning the professional game.

Manufacturer Specifications:

Composition: All Wood 4 Plies
Weight: 78 ~ 84gm
Thickness: 5.4mm
Head Size: 157-150mm
Speed: Allround Plus

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