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XIOM Table Tennis

XIOM 19 Stradivarius Offensive Table Tennis Blade

XIOM 19 Stradivarius Offensive Table Tennis Blade

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Xiom 19 Stradivarius Offensive Table Tennis Blade

The Xiom 19 Stradivarius aramid carbon table tennis blade is designed for aggressive high-pressure play.

The Stradivarius, which has been one of the bestselling Xiom blades, is now reborn for the new era of players. Aramid Carbon, which is the mixture of soft, vibration-absorbing Aramid and highly elastic Carbon, provides ideal performance for professional offensive players.

The Stradivarius catches the ball deeply with a highly efficient rebound. The results are a combination of exceptional spin capabilities and a stable feel. Players can feel the moment of impact directly and clearly without any irritating vibration. Any topspin attacks close to the table or from mid-distance are mighty and secure.

Manufacturer Specifications:

Plies: 5 + 2
Weight: 80 ~ 90gm
Thickness: 5.7mm

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