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XIOM Table Tennis

XIOM Aria Lite - Offensive Minus Table Tennis Blade

XIOM Aria Lite - Offensive Minus Table Tennis Blade

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Optimized performance for aggressive, close-to-table play
Enhanced control and reduced weight

As its name expresses, Aria Lite is a lighter version of Aria. The thickness of blade is optimized to 5.8 mm for more stability of aggressive topspin strategy. Aria Lite maintains the ability the power of close-to-table topspin, but its weight was reduced greatly and its control was significantly enhanced. Aria Lite let players easily aim at the rising of ball from bounce, which gives more chance for taking advantage of game. Also its topspin is very heavy and sharp. Aria Lite is recommended for the aggressive topspin players of modern Chinese style. Aria Lite is also suitable for modern all-round strategy. The rubbers equipped with hard sponge, such as Vega Pro, Omega II Asia, and Zeta Asia, will make very good combination with Aria Lite.

Very sensitive All-Wood Blades for aggressive players.

Novus Speedwood is a family of all wood blades for Chinese style aggressive offensive play. The feel and performance was optimized to satisfy the preference of Chinese players. Novus Speedwood  blades are sharp and very sensitive. The deformation of blade was also optimized to the purpose of each blades - close-to-table topspin or classic fast attack. Every blade of Novus Speedwood provides excellent stability and power when players play close to table with aggressive strategy. The rose red color of handle is the symbol of enthusiasm and aggressiveness.

The center deflection behavior of Novus Speedwood  is captive. It means that the blades catch ball more deeply along with the increase of impact strength. Novus Speedwood  blades are suitable for close-totable continuous topspin play. The feel of Novus Speedwood  is relatively stiff (hard), especially when compared with that of Novus Speedwood . It is exciting and compact. Novus Speedwood  is suitable for Chinese style table tennis.

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