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XIOM Table Tennis

XIOM Aria - Offensive Table Tennis Blade

XIOM Aria - Offensive Table Tennis Blade

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Essence of pure power in new 5 ply wood construction. Born to topspin.

  • All wood but power oriented construction
  • Energy loss from deformation reduced by 12% from Xiom Maximus
  • Clear but comfortable energy fell

It was the common belief that 5 ply blade has a good control and feel but slower speed. Aria breaks that myth without any doubt. While keeping the natural feel of 5 ply all wood blade, Aria has the pure sense of aggressive power. Thicker but character-balanced veneer combination greatly enhanced all the expected speed measures. Aria re-structured the energy efficiency and vibration performance from European classics. Each layer has a new balance with another to maximize the overall power capability. Such a powerful topspin from the far distance you can make with easier control. Construction aims at the match with softer Omega European series.

Revolutionized Wood Blades In New Harmony With New Generation Rubbers

Ideal blades minimize the loss of energy and promote the rubber to make its intended performance at full. They also should deliver the sense made by the ball impact exactly and clearly to the brain through a body. Xiom developed the unique system to develop the ideal blades by a series of time taking researches. Novus Speedwood series are revolutionized in new system and design to enhance the efficiency in energy transfer and vibration transfer. Each of 3 blade models in the series has its own very distinctive advantages but focuses on the balance with new Tensor Bios rubbers of Xiom. Xiom new generation rubbers for 2008 ban of speed glue can be fully exploited with Novus Speedwood series.

Innovated construction of speedwood

Novus Speedwood  series are developed to match with new rubber series of Xiom. Escaped from traditional construction Speedwood series used unique veneers like Supruce  and Koto. Supruce has its own unique character in hardness, density, and vibration. Koto is quite hard/heavy but excellent in feel transfer to improve the overall balance of a blade. Novus Speedwood carefully selected the natural wood to use by weight and density.

Positioning of Novus wood blades

Novus Speedwood

High performance blades for post-ban era completed by Vibrotech. 3 models cover the bigger range in character. Very different identities at rather extreme positioning are created all by 5 ply construction. Stable and very distinctive characters make Speedwood series unique.

Novus Swedish

Focused on professional use with very balanced positioning in character. All made with original Kiso Hinoki surface created the new feeling and the new performance. 3 models has relatively similar characters but with delicate differences. Energy efficiency has been greatly improved by Scanwood technology.

New Speed Measure

Standard To Explain The Speed

The traditional terms like OFF- or ALL+ confuse the players to identify the real speed character of a blade. So far the table tennis industry did not use standardized and object measure to explain about the speed. As an example, ALL blade is generally accepted as a 5 ply blade with low rebound and lightweight for allround play. But top players use ALL blades to play very speedy and aggressive games. Swing speed, experience, and rubbers can influence more on the speed character. The speed character cannot be defined by simple rebound height of a ball from the blade surface. Xiom adopted new speed measure from 2008 to explain the speed character of all blade series. Rebound Measure indicates the repulsion level of construction influenced by hardness, weight, and thickness. High Speed Performance explains the moment reaction of a blade against a high speed ball in real play paradigm. Good new is now that these measures are object and standardized by testing machines.

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