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XIOM Table Tennis

XIOM Extreme S - Offensive Table Tennis Blade

XIOM Extreme S - Offensive Table Tennis Blade

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Extreme S - is a 7 Ply power weapon with good feel and control. European Style Hard Wood.

Ply #: 7
Weight: 85 ~ 91gm
Thickness: 7.0 mm
Head Size: 157-150mm

The Extreme S

Extreme S has piercing speed and destructive power built it and ready for execution. Newly constructed from a classic combination of European Hard Woods this 7 Ply blade contains all that is needed in a superior offensive all-wood blade. The Extreme S has special hard-wood veneer layers of construction enabling a very sharp bounce with the touch and feel that an all-wood blade naturally produces. The blade is a superb fit for the offensive minded player that spin drives and power blocks both mid distance and close to the table.

Novus Clasic Series

Ideal blades are designed to fit comfortably in the players hand and compliment the rubber topsheet being used. The Novus Classic Series are designed by Xiom. These blades feature superior quality European Hardwood design and expertise. The blades in the series are - Allround -S Offensive S and Extreme S. The blades in this series all possess natural wood feel that is expected by all around and offensive loopers (who are looking to bolster their games with added consistency and controll Innovated construction of speedwood

New Speed Measure

Standard To Explain The Speed

The traditional terms like OFF- or ALL+ confuse the players to identify the real speed character of a blade. So far the table tennis industry did not use standardized and object measure to explain about the speed. As an example, ALL blade is generally accepted as a 5 ply blade with low rebound and lightweight for allround play. But top players use ALL blades to play very speedy and aggressive games. Swing speed, experience, and rubbers can influence more on the speed character. The speed character cannot be defined by simple rebound height of a ball from the blade surface.

Xiom has adopted new metrics to rank its blades. Rebound Measure indicates the repulsion level of construction influenced by hardness, weight, and thickness. High Speed Performance explains the moment reaction of a blade against a high speed ball in real play paradigm.

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