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XIOM Table Tennis

XIOM Feel HX Pro - Chinese Penhold Table Tennis Blade

XIOM Feel HX Pro - Chinese Penhold Table Tennis Blade

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The Xiom Feel HX Pro Chinese Penhold - using the finest Kiso Hinoki on the most out layer, gives excellent sound, and ball feel. The HX has a highly elastic carbon middle layer, enhancing speed, and flexibility, for fast speed and easy control of the ball. Precision manufacturing and the best materials. Take Xiom Feel HX pro to new levels of competition.

The Xiom Feel Series of blades are professionally designed for you, so that you can maximize power shots while maintaining the necessary touch and finesse needed for short game play. The perfect combination of power and feel.

Manufacturer Specifications:

Speed: Off+
Vibration: Low
Spin Creation: Mid
Wood: Kiso Hinoki
Carbon: Zephylium
Country of Manufacturer: Japan
Handle: Flare, Straight                                                                                                                       Weight: 76 Grams

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