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XIOM Table Tennis

XIOM Feel ZX3 - Offensive Plus Table Tennis Blade

XIOM Feel ZX3 - Offensive Plus Table Tennis Blade

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The Xiom Feel ZX3 - is an offensive plus premium table tennis blade designed for speed, spin, and control.

The blade is made from premium Japanese Kiso Hinoki, 5 plies and 2 thin layers of Zephylium carbon. The result is a firm blade with great repulsion and a soft feel, giving a solid ball grip and improved spin dynamics with the plastic poly ball. The Zephylium is allocated right next to the outer wood layer, giving an excellent ball grab and power spin ball performance. It also allows for less loss of power from the center layer for accurate control.

Manufacturer Specifications:

Speed: Off+
Vibration: Low
Spin Creation: High
Wood: Kiso Hinoki
Carbon: Zephylium
Country of Manufacturer: Japan
Handle: Flare, Straight, CPEN

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