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XIOM Table Tennis

XIOM Feel ZXI - Offensive Table Tennis Blade

XIOM Feel ZXI - Offensive Table Tennis Blade

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The Xiom Feel Offensive Table Tennis Blade - with 5 ply soft wood and two ply soft carbon, provides the perfect balance between hard drive and soft touch. The blade which has sensitive vibration and power. The power comes from the inner layer Z-Carbon that maximizes the power from arm to wrist, while the outer wood plies provide natural vibration and feel. The perfect balance.

Why Xiom? Why Feel Blades? Xiom brings forth the new evolution in table tennis blades. The Xiom Feel Series of blades are professionally designed for you, so that you can maximize power shots while maintaining the necessary touch and finesse needed for short game play. The perfect combination of power and feel.

Manufacturer Specifications:

Speed: Off
Vibration: Low
Spin Creation: Mid
Wood: Kiso Hinoki
Carbon: Zephylium
Country of Manufacturer: Japan
Handle: Flare, Straight

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