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XIOM Table Tennis

XIOM Hayabusa Zi Offensive- Table Tennis Blade

XIOM Hayabusa Zi Offensive- Table Tennis Blade

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The Xiom Hayabusa Zi - is a world-class light weight racquet made of 5 plies of exquisite hard wood and 2 plies mico-thin Zephylium polymer layers. Balanced offense with a sharper feel! New European Power-Blade.

The Hayabusa Zi is designed to perform at the highest level. Made from the perfect balance of pristine soft touch hardwood combined with two perfectly placed ultra thin layers of Zepheylium carbon polymer mesh, the Hyabusa Zi is a high performance blade engineered to perfection. The Hayabusa Zi produces an extra sharp feel upon ball contact coupled with internal flexibility to extend drag time and sufficient stiffness to produce solid repulsion. The result a unique combination of feel, extra ball force and leveraged spin.

Be equipped and win with us! Buy a Hayabusa Zi today!

Manufacturer Specifications:

Layers: Hard Wood 5 Carbon 2

Blade Type: Offensive (-) minus

Thickness: 5.7 mm

Weight: 86-88 grams

Head Size: 158X152mm

Omni Line / Hayabusa Series:

Xiom is proud to present the Omni blade line and its new Hayabusa models. After years of research and painstaking manufacturing and empirical testing, the engineers at Xiom have unleashed the next generation of wood blades, designed to perform for you at the highest level. The groundbreaking construction and unprecedented vibration mechanism define these racquets.

Superbly engineered by combining the best hardwoods layers with the perfect mix of Zephyllian carbon mesh polymer make these blades the best produced on the planet today!


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