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XIOM Table Tennis

XIOM I-PSA Glue Sheet VOC Free - Table Tennis Glue Sheet

XIOM I-PSA Glue Sheet VOC Free - Table Tennis Glue Sheet

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Super think Double side table tennis glue sheet tape for XIOM Tensor BIOS rubbers. The pressure sensitive adhesive table tennis sheet is an alternative to glue especially for the orthodox version of pips.

Very easy and simple solution in the new era of speed glue ban. VOC free glues are coated on both sides at different level. Side for the sponges has the stronger adhesiveness since the sponge of XIOM new generation rubbers like OMEGA series has the unique alienating characters due to its maximized built-in tension. Side for the blade has the optimum stickiness in order to protect the blade surface. But the use of I-SURE on the blade is still recommended to ensure the protection of your blade from damage.

The instructions to use the glue sheet is available on the cover. It is hassle free and no need of glue. Fits all the rubbers and blades available in the market.

L 170 mm X W 180 mm

"For the last three month I have been thinking a lot about the new rules concerning the ban of glue. I am still discussing almost every day with numerous players about the change that is taking place since the introduction at the beginning of September. When Boosters came on the market it posed two problems. First is that it is against the rule to "add" anything to the racket composition other than what is listed in Rule 2.4 "The Racket" of the ITTF laws of TT. Second, we also have a rule 2.4.7, which does not allow the racket covering to be changed in any way on purpose after it has been approved by the ITTF. Rule 2.4 is very old and never changed. Rule 2.4.7 was introduced in 2006 and so is newer." - ITTF President Adham Shahara

About XIOM

The CHAMPION brand is the leading table tennis brand in Korea. The CHAMPION brand was founded in 1976.?The CHAMPION brand became the sponsor of Asian Games in 1986, later they have become the sponsors of 1988 Olympics and 2002 Busan Asian games. The CHAMPION ping pong tables are being used in these world class tournaments. The CHAMPION introduced XIOM brand in 2006. Ryu Seung Min of Korea ranked 8 in the world and the 2004 Olympic Champion is the official ambassador of CHAMPION and XIOM.

CHAMPION and XIOM makes table tennis blades, table tennis balls, table tennis paddles, table tennis rackets, table tennis rubbers, table tennis apparels, ping pong tables and table tennis tables. The CHAMPION table tennis equipments and table tennis products are available in Korea and now in the United States Of America. You can read about CHAMPION table tennis products here.

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