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XIOM Strato (Novus Carbon, Hinoki Carbon) Chinese Penhold Offensive

XIOM Strato (Novus Carbon, Hinoki Carbon) Chinese Penhold Offensive

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Perfect balance of Power with Stability. Born-to-kill Professional Weapon.

  • Classic Construction But now with Energy Carbon
  • Elasticity vs Weight Enhanced by 12%+ from Competitors
  • Milder Feel and Lighter Construction than Competitors

New equilibrium of speed and stability. A combination of optimized thickness construction and Kiso Hinoki + Energy Carbon match created new ideal balance for professional players. The consistency and precision of ball trajectory from Strato in high speed rally excel other offensive carbon blades. And special advantages - so easy to topspin and very sharp at decisive shots - makes Strato the professional killer. Strato performs at its best in the hands of experienced top players who can take advantage of its unique value.

Novus Carbon Series

New Generation Kiso Hinoki Carbon For New Era! Feel Of Wood And Speed Of Carbon!

The solution was Energy Carbon. Carbon blades were not preferred by professional players since they could not find the natural feel to control the ball at the impact. Energy Carbon is enhanced in energy efficiency from the old X-Carbon to reflect the ball feel more clearly and softly. Energy Carbon also recreates your swing power more efficiently at impact. Combination with the legendary blade material Kiso Hinoki stretched the advantage in power. Each model of Novus Carbon series has its own unique focus and is in harmony with new generation rubbers of Xiom.

Super Combination

Kiso Hinoki + Energy Carbon

3 Novus Carbon models have faster and repulsive character than key competitors in general while Feel parameters show very reasonable balance. This creative and distinctive positioning identifies Novus carbon as the new carbon blades in post-ban era. Power generated by lighter but energy efficient construction increases the chance of success in attack. Feel is surprisingly balanced when you hit the ball.

New Feel Measure

Standard To Explain The Feel

Traditional indication of OFF+ or ALL also does not help the players to understand the most important character of a blade - the feel and control. The feel is a decisive factor to select his/her own blade because it influences directly on the control in high speed game like table tennis. Score system like control = 93 disregarding the object and standardized measure also confuses the customers. Feel or control cannot be easily measured and explained in numbers. As an example, 7 ply blade has been regarded to be faster in speed, harder in feel, and less easier to control. But the test proves that 7 ply can provides the clear and sharp feel to promote your control eventually. Xiom focused on setting new objective standard to explain the feel measures through the sound and vibration researches. Hit Feel explains the stiffness feel of a blade mainly from hardness, weight, and thickness of a blade. Touch Feel tells the sharpness feel at impact influencing more on individual control behavior. Xiom assumed that Feel can be measured by the vibration behavior of a blade. Control is concerning the weight of a racket , the matching rubbers of a blade, and more importantly Feel character of your preference.

Introducing Energy Carbon

New Energy Carbon replacing X-Carbon from 2008 has ultimate performance character as the carbon. Carbon promotes the highest elasticity with the mixture of wood veneers; higher than Aramid Zylon, and Taxalium. The speed character is unmatchable, but the traditional Carbon fiber cuts the vibration too fast at the impact. As a result, players can not get enough information from the impact to react on if not trained for a long time to use the Carbon blades. Energy Carbon was developed to enhance the energy transfer rate to the level of 10+% vs X-Carbon. Higher efficiency in energy transfer helped greatly on the vibration problem. More natural vibration you can felt with Energy Carbon blade series - Novus Carbon. Novus Carbon is a key element of Novus construction.

Kiso Hinoki for Shakehand Plywood

Kiso Hinoki is being produced from the limited area of Kiso mountain in Japan. High repulsive power, light-weight, and ideal feel characterize this legendary blade wood. Original Kiso Hinoki materials are very scarce and not-comparably expensive. Xiom has advanced in Hinoki wood processing technique for the last years and made the super quality Hinoki veneers to apply at Novus series. 0.6 ~1.4mm of various thicknesses are used to create very distinctive performance in each model.

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