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XIOM Table Tennis

XIOM Vega China VM- Table Tennis Rubber

XIOM Vega China VM- Table Tennis Rubber

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Vega China VM - combines the best of the east with German precision manufacturing. A winning combination of a sticky rubber surface with extremely hard sponge has been the key weapon behind China's dominance in international competition.

Vega China is manufactured with Tensor Bios Technology which softens the hard rubber surface ever so slightly to achieve enhanced surface elasticity.This enables one to produce enhanced spin, ball grab and catapult of the rubber surface when contacted correctly. For the professional and up and coming player.

Manufacturer Specifications:

Strategy: Control-Mix                                                                                                  Distance from Table: Close-Mid                                                                                  Speed: High                                                                                                                      Spin: Extreme                                                                                                                 Control: Moderate


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