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XIOM Table Tennis

XIOM Vega Korea - Table Tennis Rubber

XIOM Vega Korea - Table Tennis Rubber

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Xiom Vega Korea - Offensive Table Tennis Sponge

Xiom Vega Korea is tuned to make producing high-energy spin shots easier. Service return, and topspin shots are far more accurate and consistent, giving real experience and positive impacts for your game.

Xiom Vega Rubber Series is known for its famous Black-Carbo Sponge, which enhances the rubber topsheet. Energized spins with a larger-than-expected safety window for accuracy and placement.

Manufacturer Specifications:

Hardness: Medium
Speed: 92/100
Spin: 96/100
Origin:  Made in Germany
Thickness/Color: Black, Blue, Pink, 2.2

True Innovation with Hyper Elasto Black Carbo Sponge

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