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XIOM Zeta Offensive - Offensive Table Tennis Blade

XIOM Zeta Offensive - Offensive Table Tennis Blade

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Xiom Zeta Offensive � Seven Ply Advanced Table Tennis Blade for Modern Day Table Tennis Play.

The Xiom Zeta Offensive is a fast responsive 7 ply table tennis blade designed for modern game of table tennis. Expertly crafted by mixing hardwood and soft wood plies to create a table tennis blade with precise control and outstanding attack capabilities. The blade is carefully designed using a fast drying process to create a lighter wood weight. This 7 ply blade has two outer and one center hard wood plies combined with two thin soft wood veneer wood sheets to enhance ball feel and rebound. A modern day racquet for the offensive player.

Manufacturer Specifications.

Speed rating: Fast (Offensive).

Woodblock Configuration: 7-layer Wood (composed three hard wood and two soft wood inner plies).

Head size (H x W): 158 x 150mm.

Grip length: 100mm.

Weight: 90 g (approximate).

Release Date: 1/4/16.

Country of Manufacturer: China (under Korean design and manufacturing process).

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