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Yasaka Table Tennis

Yasaka Battle Balsa - Offensive Table Tennis Blade

Yasaka Battle Balsa - Offensive Table Tennis Blade

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The Yasaka Battle Balsa is a new blade produced in the famous blade factory in Tran�s, Sweden.

Several players appreciate blades, including the balsa material because of the low weight, and the unique Balsa feeling in the ball touch. However, some players find traditional balsa-blades too slow. In the Battle Balsa, Yasaka has combined the best balsa-quality with Scandinavian pine to produce a faster blade, but still with a low weight.

Manufacturer Specifications:

Class: Offensive Minus Speed: 86 Control: 68 Blade Weight: 75 Plies: 5w Blade Thickness: 6.2 Blade Handles: FL, AN, ST Material: All Wood, five ply with Balsa

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