Corporate Events – Planning Ideas – Table Tennis

Organizing a corporate event? Looking for a way to build teamwork, foster collaboration, have fun, break down barriers, socialize – Why not table tennis.

Anyone Can Play – Whether you are the CFO, or an intern, 6 foot or 4 feet, female or male? It doesn’t matter. A game of table tennis is a great equalizer. With a small ball and paddle any one can win. Size, strength or power do not matter much. Strategy, agility, and finesse are equally important.

Social Sport: Plunk down a table tennis table, drop in a few paddles and dozen balls, and presto, you have an instant conversation piece. Everyone has a table tennis story. Throw in some food, some drink and let the party start. The proximity of table tennis table, the small playing area needed, allows and fosters interaction and discussion.

Physical Activity: Table Tennis is an Olympic Sport. At the highest level the sport is highly physical. Even in a recreational environment, table tennis requires some physical exertion, skill, hand eye coordination, and concentration.

Portable Sport: Table Tennis is a highly portable activity. Have space? We can bring the tables to you.

At TableTennisStore we have professional tables for rent and expert coaches and event professionals to create an exciting table tennis event and party for you.

We are also affiliated with others around the United States. Contact us sales@tabletennisstore or 914-873-0075 for additional information.

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