Dear Canadian Customers -  Shipping Costs

Dear Canadian Customers - Shipping Costs

Memo Dated 3/25/2022

Dear Canadian Customers:        

We reluctantly need to change our shipping charges to you.  Shipping costs to Canada have tripled over the past 24 months.  It is now super expensive to ship a first-class package to Canada.  For example, a first-class package under 1lb cost us in the USA between $3 and $7.  The same package to Canada costs $14 to $24.   

Accordingly, many of our orders to you, actually leave us with a net loss.  We cannot continue.    The new rates are as follows.

Orders under $50.  $10 shipping charge. 
Orders over $50.   $6 shipping charge
Orders over $250.  No charge.  

We hope you can adjust your ordering metrics accordingly.   And continue to order from us.   If you wish to get a customized quote from us, you may do so by emailing or texting your request to or to 914-873-0075

We value your orders and look forward to continuing to serve.


Ben, Remy Nisbet and TableTennisStore Staff 

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