High Performance Table Tennis Rubber at Value Prices – Top Five List

Are you tired of spending $50-$60-$70 a sheet for a table tennis rubber topsheet? Here is our short list of outstanding table tennis rubber, which incorporates modern tensor – catapult – trampoline technology and is suitable to play at intermediate, advanced and even pro levels.

  1. Xiom Vega Pro. The Vega Pro is a fast, medium hard, high spin table tennis rubber that can perform at all levels. Excellent drag time, great spin and speed. Vega Pro is fast but not too bouncy, a great forehand rubber. Pair this rubber with Xiom Vega Europe or Vega Elite for the backhand and you have a winning combination.
  2. Butterfly Rozena. The Butterfly Rozena incorporates Butterfly’s world leading rubber technology into an affordable rubber. Great speed, spring, and spin. There is no need to pair this rubber with anything else. Put Rozena on your forehand and backhand and play like a champion.
  3. Donic Baracuda. The Donic Baracuda is a highly versatile rubber. It is like the Rozena with a little less bounce but more control. Donic has incorporated modern technology into the rubber sheets. If you have a fast table tennis blade. Baracuda is a perfect pairing.
  4. TSP Ventus Soft. The TSP Ventus Soft incorporates German rubber technology with Japanese expertize. The Ventus soft is a slower more controllable rubber, with great spin. A great backhand rubber. Pair this with Ventus Spin and you have a winning combination as well!
  5. DHS Hurricane 350 Medium. The DHS Hurricane 350 Medium is a Chinese made rubber with great tackiness and spin. We like this rubber over the Hurricane 3 and Hurricane 3 Neo which is very hard. The Hurricane 350 Medium because of its tack and spin is really a forehand rubber. Pair this with Ventus Soft or Baracuda and you also have a winning combination.

We hope you try our top 5 list of value rubbers. Always available at TableTennisStore. Try them today.

Ben Nisbet.

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