Professional Athlete Profiles Table Tennis

Professional Athlete Profiles Table Tennis

Introduction:  At TableTennisStore, we greatly appreciate and are in awe of the talent, hard work, and expertise of talented top table tennis professional athletes. We greatly appreciate their play, work ethic, and unbelievable skill.

This page is a giveback to our sport and the top athletes who continue to push forward the boundaries of our sport for our enjoyment. Enjoy!




Vivien Scholz - Luxemburg

Key Facts:

First Play: At age seven introduced to the sport by her father. "I tried many sports with the intention of finding something that makes me really happy and different to the other sports.  Table Tennis did it from the first second".

First Club: SV 05 Rehbrucke, Germany

Training:  Twice Daily, 2.5 hours each. Five days a week. Weekend competition 

Current Coach: Peter Engel

League Play:  ESV Weil am Rhein

Something Special:  Moved out of home at age 10 to find good trainings group.  

Favorite Tactic:  Third ball - Short Service, strong backhand winner.  

Favorite Food:  Homemade German Noodle Soup. "I prepare this 

myself with lots of fresh vegetables."

Equipment Used:

Blade: Butterfly Innerforce ZLC 

Forehand Rubber:  Butterfly Tenergy 05

Backhand Rubber:  Butterfly Tenergy 05

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Date Posted:  5/14/2022


Yuta Tanaka - Japan 

Key Facts:

First Play: Introduced to the sport at age 6 by my grandmother.

Development: Nagoya Japan Table Tennis Club

Training:  Not Disclosed

Current Coach: Not Disclosed

League Play:  German Bundesliga - TTC OE Bad Hamburg

Favorite Tactic:  Not Disclosed  

Favorite Food:  Carpaccio (Italian appetizer)

Equipment Used: Blade - Butterfly Innerforce ALC, Rubber - Butterfly Dignics 05 Forehand - Butterfly Dignics 09C


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Date Posted: 5/15/2022


Kilian Ort - Germany 

Key Facts:

First Play: Age 1. "My father is a table tennis coach"

Development: TSV Bad Konigshafen

Training:  Not Disclosed

Current Coach: Joseph Ort

League Play:  German Bundesliga - TSV Bad Konigshafen

Favorite Tactic:  Not Disclosed  

Favorite Food:  "The good - Pasta with Salmon The Bad - A Nurenburg Bratwurst" 

Equipment Used: Blade - Andro Treiber CO Rubber - Andro Rasanter R53 Forehand and Backahand  

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Date Posted:  5/22/22

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