Selecting The Best Table Tennis Racket – Four Tips.

Table Tennis is a high-tech sport where fractions of a millimeter make a difference. World class table tennis athletes rip their precision rackets through the ball hitting zone at incredible speeds, only to skim the ball at the exact pixel point, producing unbelievable spin and speed. These gifted athletes use fined tuned and expensive equipment to maximize speed and spin. Ball speed – 100MPH. Spin revolution – Super High!

Equipment matters, and it has relevancy at all levels in table tennis. However, buyer beware. What the professionals use, may not be the best racket for you. Would an expensive highly calibrated racket be good for you? Do you use your car to race in Indianapolis 500 or to make a trip to the local grocery store? Like cars, there is a wide range of table tennis rackets to choose from and faster more expensive ones may not be better for you. Particularly if you are entering the game to learn and build skills.

It is easy to become confused and buried with data when shopping for the ideal table tennis racket.

Here are some quick tips to help.

    • Know Your Skill Level - Are you playing regularly at work, Home? Or are you competing against other seasoned player at the local club or recreation center? The more advanced your skill level, the faster the wood blade, the thicker the sponge and the tackier the rubber sheet you will need.
    • What are your Aspirations? Will you use your racket once a week, or daily? Or somewhere in between. If you plan on playing more than 5 hours a week, we strongly recommend you purchase a custom made racket.
    • What is your Style: Do you play offensive, defensive, or all-round style. Is your forehand stronger than your backhand? Do you like to win points on deception or on speed? In general offensive players should play with thicker sponge and a higher grip rubber surface. While defensive players should consider thinner sponge and more less spin oriented rubber topsheet.
    • What is your budget? We take the inverse relationship with budget. So that if your budget is high, we like to talk you down in price. Why? Chances are your propensity is to buy a racket too fast for your skill level. If your budget is low, we try and talk you up in price so you get a durable and longer lasting racket. It is the "Goldilox and Three Bears" approach to buying a table tennis racket and it works!

      At Table Tennis Store, we are highly knowledgeable and can assist you in making the correct choice. Feel free to call or email us. We will be happy to help.

      TableTennisStore website is also rich with choices. We encourage you to browse. For pre-assembled rackets we really like the XIOM MUV series. For custom made rackets, we encourage you to look at our combo specials.

      Minimize the loss of energy by shopping for the ideal blades with us. Check out our available options online and have your pick at the best price! Questions, call our email us. We are committed to helping you find the perfect racket.

      By Ben Nisbet - ITTF Certified Coach, Avid Table Tennis Player and Owner Operator of TableTennisStore.
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