Table Tennis and the Olympics- Tokyo 2021

Table Tennis and the Olympics- Tokyo 2021

Table Tennis is an Olympic Sport, and there will be great excitement, with all eyes in the table tennis world, watching the action unfold at the Tokyo Olympics.   

If you live in the United States, the only way to watch live Olympic Table Tennis is through NBC, primarily  NBC plans to live stream all of the important table tennis matches.  Click here 

If you live outside of the United States.  Click here

Predictions and What look for?  China will dominate both the men's and the women's competitions.   

Men's:  China's big four in the Men's,  Zhendong Fan, Xin Xu, Long Ma and newcomer Gaoyang Lin, occupy the top four world ranking spots.  The Japanese favorite, Tomokazu Harimoto, ranked #5.   USA's best chance comes from Kanuk Jha, ranked #28 in the most recent ITTF rankings.;SINGLES/2020/49w

We recommend you watch the play of China's Lin, Japan's Harimoto, Chinese Taipei's Yun-Jun Lin, and Brazil's Hugo Calderano. if all make the quarterfinals, there will be some firework matches.   

Women's:  Like the men, the Chinese Women occupy 3 of the four 4 top world ranking spots, with Meng Chen, Yingsha Sun taking the first two spots.  Home country favorite, Mima Ito, takes the third position.  

USA's Lily Zhang is playing exceptionally well, and we look for her to play highly competitively, with a possibility of reaching the final 16.   Also, USA's Juan Lu has deep international experience.  Look for her to advance out one or two rounds, and if that happens, I would not want to be her opponent.

Watching Olympic Table Tennis is engaging and very exciting.  We encourage you to bookmark the match times and sign up with NBC Olympics to watch live stream.  

Note that some of the above names will sound very familiar to you if you browse our store for table tennis blades and equipment.  That is because many of this year's top contenders have designed their name on the racket they play with, and these rackets are available for sale.  

Ma Long - Blade:   
Timo Boll - Blade: 
Lin Yun - Blade
Tomokazu Harimoto - Blade:  
 Mima Ito -  Blade
Quadri Aruna -Blade:
Liam Pitchford-Blade
Koki Niwa - Blade: 
 Alvaro Robles:- Blade
Hugo Calderano - Blade:   

To name many but not all.

Women's:    Gold:  Chen China:  Silver:  Ito Japan
Men's:   Gold:  Lin China; Silver: Fan China:

Written by Ben Nisbet - TableTennisStore -7/24/21

Ben Nisbet was the Former Director of USA Table Tennis and helped put together the USA 2000 Olympic Team for the Sydney Olympics.

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