Why Buy A Premium Table Tennis Table.

There are many compelling reasons why you should spend more to buy a premium table tennis table.

  1. Transportation Costs: Most table tennis tables are made outside of the USA. So transportation costs to get the table tennis table to you are high. At least $300. If you buy a $500 table, 60% or more of your purchase is tied up in transportation. Only $200 is left for profit, materials and marketing. Not much! For every dollar you spend above $500 you get an exponential boost in quality, because transportation costs are relatively fixed.
  2. Appearance: More expensive tables look nicer and more inviting to play. Table thickness is a key variable that needs to be thoroughly checked for that perfect bounce. It generally comes with about 22mm thickness.
  3. Investment. A more expensive table will last for many years and can be sold or donated to a charity with a tax deduction. Inexpensive tables break and are thrown out over a short period of usage.
  4. Bounce. The thicker the table top and the studier the under-carriage the more consistent the bounce. Table Tennis is a precise sport. A true bounce table is much more enjoyable to play on.

Table Tennis Store.US is a full line table tennis store carrying all the major and specialty table tennis brands. We are a fast growing family owned table tennis company that is passionate and highly knowledgeable about our sport. For the promotion and love of the game, we hire and engage top coaches and athletes to represent, sell and test our products. Get in touch with us for right product at the most appropriate prices.

We are Tabletennisstore. We understand table tennis tables. We are involved with and work closely with a non-profit charity that places table tennis tables into the New York City Public Schools. Tables that survive the school environment also work very well in the home or in the corporate setting. We know which brands are durable.

Purchasing a table tennis table is an investment. Email, text,or call us. We will be happy to work with you to find a table that meets your expectation and budget. We love online purchases, but will be happy to work with you, so that you get an outstanding quote.

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