WTTT Feeder Tournament May22 Event Info

WTTT Feeder Tournament May22 Event Info

Dear Table Tennis Customers and Visitors to Our Website. 

Westchester Table Tennis Center, our home club and where our pro-shop resides, is hosting an international table tennis tournament.   This tournament is organized and run by World Table Tennis Federation (WTT), from May 11th to the 15th of 2022.  

Exciting times and what shapes to be an exciting week! Some of the world's best professional players will be competing.    We will be creating a daily blog for you to read up on the tournament, starting with today!

For tournament coverage, click here!

Day Minus 4 :  May 8th:

Tournament Facts and Information:  

Event Organizer:   World Table Tennis Federation.   Here is a link to their website and this tournament. 

Event Host:  Westchester Table Tennis Center, our home club! Come visit and watch some exciting matches! Yes, we will be helping out, and we hope to keep our small pro-shop open. 

Tickets:    Tickets prices range from $20 to $45. A great deal to watch up close some fabulous table tennis action.   Please click here how to purchase. And, please contact us directly, via text or voice to 914-873-0075 to get insight on when to come and who to watch!

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