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der-materialspezialist Pro Clean - Anti Spin Rubber Cleaner

der-materialspezialist Pro Clean - Anti Spin Rubber Cleaner

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der-materialspezialist pro-ANTI-clean is designed specifically to clean and protect anti spin rubber topsheets.

der-materialspezialist pro-Anti-clean is designed to maximize the performance of frictionless anti spin rubbers. A big problem for the anti spin rubbers is the dirt that can stick and collect on the rubber topsheet, impacting performance. pro-ANTI-clean will clean protect your frictionless Anti spin rubber and bring it back in delivery status.

Spray a small amount pro- Anti-clean on a soft sponge to clean the surface. Guaranteed VOC free. Size is 50ml

Manufacturer Specifications

Nozzle - Spray pump

Size - 50 ml.

Packaging - Plastic

Country of Origin - Germany.

Other - Non Flammable.


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