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Donier RR Plus MX-P Combination Special

Donier RR Plus MX-P Combination Special

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Donier RR+ MX-P Combination Special

The Donier RR+ Tibhar MX-P combination special is the racket for those players seeking an oversized table tennis racket that produces explosive off the table offensive power yet maintains the needed close to the table touch and control play.

This racket set up is ideal for adults who find traditional table tennis rackets too small and light. The RR+ MXP combination special is suited for players who seek to play mid-distance table tennis.


Rubber: TIbhar Evolution MXP Rubber. This rubber pairs exceptionally well with the RR+. It holds the ball and produces incredible spin and power at shot execution.

Blade: The Donier RR + is specifically designed for taller table tennis players seeking an oversized blade offensive solution. Named after former world-class player, Robert Roberts, the RR+ is a European hardwood five ply offensive blade whose blade head is 15% larger than the standard table tennis racket. Additionally, the blade handle is slightly longer to accommodate a larger hand comfortably.


Blade: Donier RR+ Offensive Racket - Flare Handle Style
Rubber: Forehand - Tibhar Evolution MXP 2.1 Black, Forehand Side - Tibhar Evolution MXP 2.1 Red Backhand Side

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