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729 Friendship RITC

Friendship RITC - Dr Evil Short Pips - OX

Friendship RITC - Dr Evil Short Pips - OX

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Dr. Evil Short Pips-Out Rubber OX (no sponge) is specially formulated for disruptive play.

Dr. Evil's special formulation of natural and synthetic rubber compounds make this short pip rubber produce disruptive shots for ones opponent. It is the composition of the rubber and not the length of the pips that gives this rubber a unique ability to chop, counter, smash, and manipulate spin all with unparalleled control. Dr Evil is able to handle high amounts of incoming spin, making this rubber an excellent choice for players who play in open events against inverted sponge players.

Available in Black or Red.

Manufacturer Specifications:

ITTF Approved for Tournament Play.

Approved for Hard Bat Only Events.

Short Pips out.

Strange Effect on ball.

Will produce deceptive shots.

Good spin reversal.

Excellent smash/flat kill.

Can chop from distance or close to the table.

Rock hard rubber for maximum spin reversal.

Thick base sheet designed for OX use.

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