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Gambler - Gambler IM7 with Zero Rubber - Offensive Table Racket

Gambler - Gambler IM7 with Zero Rubber - Offensive Table Racket

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Gambler IM7 with Zero Rubber - Offensive Table Tennis Racket with modern high spin mechanical table tennis rubber.

Looking for an an affordable offensive racket to play modern table tennis. Then, this is the racket for you. The IM7 blade is a 5 ply wood two ply IM7 carbon racket. nicely balanced, mid weight. We have on this racket two sheets of modern day Xero rubber, with mechanical gears to increase dwell, time, speed and spin. The result is a terrific racket with power, speed, spin and sufficient control to keep your shots on the table.

Specifications: Blade: Gambler IM7 - 5 ply wood and two ply IM7 grafite carbon. Flare handle only.

Forehand Rubber: Xero Rubber Color Red Max Thickness, color Red

Backhand Rubber: Xero Rubber Color Red Max Thickness, color Black

Approval: ITTF approved for tournament play. Weight: Combined racket and rubber weight after assembly. Approximately 170 g +/- 8 g This is a great starter racket into the modern game of table tennis. Xero rubber is china made, utilizing modern day European technology. The result is a blade that has speed with rubber that produces spin and some catapult, with a large safety window for returns. When the rubber sheets wear out, there is no need to throw away the blade. Simply peel away the old rubber and affix new ones. Presto! Your very own custom made table tennis racquet for the modern spin and drive game of table tennis.

Question? Why a custom made blade. Custom made blades enable one to change the rubber sheets when they wear out. Pre-Assembled racquets are manufactured so that when the rubber tears or wears out one throws out the entire blade. Over an extended time, a Custom Made blade is less expensive that a pre-assembled racquet, because one only has to replace the rubber topsheet and not the entire blade.

In this combination we have chosen the Offensive S blade because it is a terrific high performance blade that will respond to faster and tackier rubber sheets. Since you are already comfortable with driving and looping, we arm you with Vega Europe, a soft high spin high tension table tennis sponge, and Vega Elite. These rubber sheet will enable you to seamlessly produce forehand topspin rallies with precision backhand blocks and spins. Have questions? Please call us and we will help you select the best combination racquet and rubber for your game. Enjoy!

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