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GEWO Hype EL Pro 47.5 - Table Tennis Rubber

GEWO Hype EL Pro 47.5 - Table Tennis Rubber

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GEWO Hype EL Pro 47.5 - Table Tennis Rubber

The GEWO Hype EL Pro 47.5 table tennis rubber has the perfect combination of explosive power spin and an extreme increase in speed. This rubber is specially developed by GEWO for the top pro and tournament players.

The GEWO Hype Series captures the ultimate playing experience by releasing effective power transmission and total forgiveness. The GEWO Hype series has a newly developed surface structure and is designed for the new lower bounce ABF Ball with DGC40+ (Dynamic-Grip-Concept) "Power Tension Boost" and CPI (Clean Power Inside).

GEWO Hype EL Pro 47.5 has a 47.5-degree hardness and is one of the fastest and most dynamic rubbers of the Hype EL Pro Series. The rubber has been developed specifically to meet the demands of players with a higher practice routine who favor harder sponges. High dynamics on impact, coupled with a super spin producing surface, make this the perfect rubber for every offensive player. Go GEWO - "The last point makes you the winner!"

Manufacturer Specifications:

Speed: 122/100
Control: 92/100
Spin: 120/100
Sponge hardness: Hard+ (47.5)
Thickness: 1.9, 2.1 mm

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