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JOOLA Table Tennis

Joola Santoru Dynaryz- Premium Blade & Rubber- Combo

Joola Santoru Dynaryz- Premium Blade & Rubber- Combo

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JOOLA Santoru KL-C Blade with Forehand - Dynaryz ACC & Backhand -Dynaryz AGR

Are you looking to elevate your game? Go no further! Consider this Joola Combination!

Be in control of your every move with the Joola Santoru KL-C Inner! This 5+2 ply blade features high-quality Hinoki outer veneers that create a nice soft touch in the short game, and extraordinary speed when hitting. The main draw of this spin-oriented blade is the Kevlar-Carbon (KL-C) fiber weave in the inner construction. It creates a better feeling while allowing you to be even more precise during topspin play. In between these 2 veneers is Koto, added to further optimize ball control for looping and countering. You'll never have to sacrifice speed for control with the Joola Santoru KL-C Inner.

Forehand Rubber: The Joola Dynaryz ACC is spin-friendly, dynamic, and precise. Be prepared to hit your game-winning shots with laser-like precision!

Backhand Rubber: The precision and quality of each and every shot will be unprecedented. Harness the power of the Joola Dynaryz AGR Table Tennis Rubber for an unrivaled game!

For the Champion in You

Notes: Blade - available in flared or straight, Rubber available in max thickness and 2.0 Unless otherwise specified in order notes - the blade will be custom-made for you with Dynaryz AGR Black Max on the forehand and Dynaryz AGR Red 2.0 on the backhand.

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