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TableTennisStore - Gift Certificate

TableTennisStore - Gift Certificate

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Table Tennis Store - Redeemable Gift Certificate.

Not sure what table tennis supplies to order for a friend, family member, loved one? Consider TableTennisStore.US gift certificate.

Call our store or order online and we will email or mail you a printable customized TableTennisStore gift certificate to you within six hours. Increments of $10.00.

How does it work? The gift certificate will include the beneficiary name, email address, amount and unique E-Coupon Code. You may provide that information to us in the order notes at check out.

The beneficiary can then order online using the unique E-Coupon code, or phone our store for a telephone order as well as expert advice.

When ordering please use the UPSP First Class Shipping option to check out. We will not ship first class. Rather we will email to the buyer. If your order is under $50.00 call us and we will take your order over the phone.

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