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TSP Table Tennis

TSP Triple Power Offensive Sponge - ALL Table Tennis Rubber

TSP Triple Power Offensive Sponge - ALL Table Tennis Rubber

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TSP "TRIPPLE" has a high level of three most important factors in modern table tennis: spin, speed and control. This makes triple superior for modern table tennis. "TRIPLE" makes your various topspins more powerful and produces quick effective counter-drive shots and excellent control for placement in your play. The unique elastic top sheet of "TRIPLE" makes it possible to hit powerful closed racket angle shots.

Spin-offensive sponge (cream color) provides exceptional spins for your powerful topspins with a faster blade like TSP Hino-Speed or TSP Hino-Power.

Speed-offensive sponge (pink color) provides an excellent combination of various topspins and good forward speed on your shots.

Power-offensive sponge (beige color) is hardest of these 3 types of sponges, it is good for playing very fast-paced drive shots and / or for to block opponents attack.

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