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Victas Black Balsa Offensive 5.0 Flared - Offensive Table Tennis Blade

Victas Black Balsa Offensive 5.0 Flared - Offensive Table Tennis Blade

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The Victas Black Balsa is a lightweight offensive minis balsa racquet with a soft feel.

The Award Winning Victas Black Balsa Series has a balsa core that is strengthened with mirco layers of elastic glass fiber. The combination is a superior racquet engineered for world class offensive play.

The combination of the elastic fiber glass layers with the vertical wooden fibers leads to a round and especially large sweet spot hitting area. The result is an extremely precise bounce of the ball, free of vibration. but with a soft feel that enables and an amazingly high rate of control.

These Victas Black Balsa blade are different from other balsa blades because the balsa wood layer is cut horizontally, so that the rings of the balsa wood are in the same plane as the blade face. This unique and patented feature, coupled with the elastic fiber glass layers gives the blade the ultimate in soft and springy feel.

Manufacturer Specifications:

                                                                                                                                                              Type: Offensive Minus -

Speed: 84

Control: 84

Blade Head: Length 156 Width 153mm

Weight: Approximate 63grams

Blade Thickness: 6.5mm

Handle Length: 100mm

Handle diameter: 23mm

Made in Hungary

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