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Victas V>01 Stiff - Offensive Table Tennis Rubber- Old Packaging

Victas V>01 Stiff - Offensive Table Tennis Rubber- Old Packaging

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Victas V > 01 Stiff Dynamic spin, fast high tension rubber for the advanced player.

The Victas V > 01 stiff rubber sheet is a medium tacky rubber designed grab and catapult the new plastic ball with high spin, precision and speed.

The Victas German-Japanese team of designers (GJ Tec) have developed an outstanding series of professional table tennis rubber called V > 01 for maximum power and balance. The rubber sheets in this family are V > 01 (Medium Sponge), V >01 Limber (Medium Soft Sponge) and now the latest edition the V >01 Stiff (Medium Sponge with Tackier Top Sheet).

The Victas V > 01 topsheet has a moderately tacky surface and a more direct pimple alignment. The sponge sheet is slightly softer than the V >01, but harder than the V >01 Limber. The result is a highly responsive rubber sheet that produces great spin, and speed on contact. The rubber is also very responsive for over the table touch shots. This rubber is suitable for close to the table and mid distance play and has a throw angle of 45 degrees.

The Power & Balance concept was optimized such that the slightly softer sponge design of V >01 enables higher ball trajectories, which significantly increases forgiveness in less-than-perfect topspin strokes. In attacking strokes, the rubber provides for fantastic feel for speed plus inimitable speed glue effect.

High Energy Tension Technology gives topspin players of all levels the opportunity of utilizing their own offensive arsenal to the fullest.


Manufacturer Specifications:

Type: Smooth
Speed: 95/100
Spin: 95/100
Control: 75/100
Hardness: Medium to Medium Soft
Sponge Thickness: 1.8,2.0,Max

Victas Brand: Victas is a premium brand launched in 2001 by the Mr. Koji Matsushita, TSP president and former world class defensive player. Victas strives to produce premium product for both the defensive and offensive player by combining Japanese Know-How with German expertize.

VICTAS stands for: Innovation - Quality - Passion.

Our mission is to develop products that will make, every player better. If you are looking for a revolutionary brand with second-to-none commitment and passion for innovation. Victas will be the right choice. In order to meet our high product quality standards, our team of Victas experts in Japan and Europe is ready to face the challenge every single day. We live and work by the, motto "Nothing but the very best will do".

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