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XIOM Table Tennis

XIOM Two Xiom 1.5S - Modern Table Tennis Rackets - Twin Pack Box

XIOM Two Xiom 1.5S - Modern Table Tennis Rackets - Twin Pack Box

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The Xiom 1.5S Modern Table Tennis Rackets are designed for recreational players seeking to enjoy the modern game of table tennis. Affordable, well made rackets. Ships in a box with two rackets.

The Xiom 1.5s Modern Table Tennis Racket is a 5 ply wood racket with Champion V3 2.1 inverted rubber topsheet. The new Construction of the V-Series Racket enhanced the spin Rate significantly. Top sheet friction and sponge elasticity were scientifically combined to provide more spin - By Transferring the energy more efficiently to the ball contact.

Weight performance: Ball Power can be increased by the additional weight of the racket. The heavier weight can increase the performance but it also becomes harder to play with. V-Series Construction enhanced the Power Performance without any weight increase - By Reallocating the weight balance with lighter wood materials.

Play Style: All Round
Plies: 5 wood
Rubber: Champion V3 2.2mm with white Sponge - not ITTF approved, great for home play.
Blade Thickness: 5.5mm

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