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ALPHA Table Tennis

ALPHA TT Table Tennis 101 - Table Tennis Video

ALPHA TT Table Tennis 101 - Table Tennis Video

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Table Tennis 101 is an instructional CD-ROM that teaches all the basic strokes of Olympic level Table Tennis. It gives the users a clear overall view of the skills needed to play competitive Table Tennis and allows them to access each of them directly by a click of the mouse.U.S.

Champions Wei Wang and Sean O'Neill illustrate each stroke in video clips shot from three different angles. Audio commentary supports the visual presentation, and auto-repeating slow motion sections of each angle allow the user to study the strokes as long as they like.For each stroke, there is a clip that shows world top players using it in competition and an analysis section that dissects the stroke into its main components. 3D animations are used to explain basic concepts such as spin and ball trajectory and to show the movement of the racket for each stroke, viewed from three different angles including that of the player.

A stroke comparison feature allows the user to create his own clips and display them side-by-side with those of the Champions in order to study differences and find areas for improvement.The random access capability makes it possible for the user to quickly zero in on the stroke he wants to study and equally quickly change topics.

The CD-ROM can be studied at home on a desktop machine or taken to the playing hall and run on a laptop.

Sections: Forehand and backhand, Looping, Pushing, Blocking, Hitting, The Grip, Positioning, Spin basics, Footwork and practice, Equipment, The Rules

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