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Andro Hexer HD - Table Tennis Rubber

Andro Hexer HD - Table Tennis Rubber

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Andro Hexer HD - for players who define themselves with spin, speed and precise strokes!

Modern table tennis is becoming more complex day by day. To enable you to keep step with new trends, andro designed Hexer HD. During the development of this fourth generation TENSOR BIOS rubber ando focused on the factor precision. The progressive, spiny surface structure gives you the feeling of leading the ball for a longer time during the stroke and bringing the ball to its target point. Topspins and counterspins on the highest possible level hitting the target precisely (High Definition Performance) will become an important part of your repertoire. The powerful catapult and speed gluing effect for which Tensor Bios rubbers are famous for provides Hexer HD with the certain power so that you do not miss speed and feedback. Extend your game with the factor precision. Discover Hexer HD!

Manufacturer Specifications:

Type: Smooth
Speed: 94/100
Spin: 91/100
Control: 70/100
Hardness: Hard
Sponge Thickness: 1.9, 2.1

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