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Andro Plaxon 450 - Table Tennis Rubber

Andro Plaxon 450 - Table Tennis Rubber

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Andro Plaxon 450 - an inverted rubber from Andro is for players of all classes!

  • PLAXON, an absolute new rubber generation: a compact, energized sponge combined with a topsheet that optimally reacts especially with the new plastic ball.
  • PLAXON, the right rubber for each player type thanks to four versions in varying sponge hardness grades. Adjust your material to the new requirements, select your update for the new ball.
  • High energy, speed and best ball control.˜ Andro PLAXON 450 lets anyone access these features.
  • A compact medium sponge with speed reservoirs for forceful and precise offensive play. Brings the ball right to its goal without any detours.
  • The newly developed rubber surface perfectly grabs the ball and avoids any loss of energy or preciseness during the stroke.
  • Decrease your error ratio while increasing the fun factor! PLAXON makes you a better player!

Manufacturer Specifications:

Type: Smooth
Speed: 92/100
Spin: 85/100
Control: 73/100
Hardness: Medium (45)
Sponge Thickness: 2.0, Max

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