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Andro Rasant - Table Tennis Rubber

Andro Rasant - Table Tennis Rubber

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Andro Rasant designed for the offensive modern day player.
  • Experience Rasant's  compact play feeling caused by the unique, fine-pored green sponge.
  • Disarm your opponent's spin by using the newly developed Rasant top sheet and kick-start your own, more dynamic topspin.
  • Step up your stroke efficiency. Trigger toxic, better spins with an aggressive spin curve.
  • Change the game to your favor. Take your performance to a higher level. Play Rasant by Andro!

Manufacturer Specifications:

Speed: 92/100
Spin: 94/100
Control: 90/100
Hardness: Medium
Sponge Thickness: 1.7, 1.9, 2.1

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