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der-materialspezialist Original Flashback- Medium Pip Rubber

der-materialspezialist Original Flashback- Medium Pip Rubber

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Original Flashback is another highly interesting, half-long pimpled rubber that combines control and disruptive effect into a perfect alliance for effective disruptive play at the table as well as from a distance.

The non-slip pimpled surface produces very good spin values ??and impresses in active play with fantastic pseudo top spins and excellent final strokes. The FLASHBACK causes the ball to dive massively in both active and passive play, combined with a particularly flat ball trajectory. What is also outstanding are the extremely high control values, which are almost perfect thanks to the use of a new sponge. FLASHBACK: Sensational disruptive effect and perfect control with half-long pimples.

Product features:

Tempo: 98
Control: 96
Effect: 85
Degree of hardness: medium
Suitability: Defensive / All-round / Offensive

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