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Birthday Party - Table Tennis Fun, Competition and Learning

Birthday Party - Table Tennis Fun, Competition and Learning

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Whether your child is an efficient table tennis player or an enthusiastic beginner, let TableTennisStore and the Westchester Table Tennis Center turn your child?s birthday into an exciting and unique experience! We have a customized package suited to fit your child's birthday expectations.

The Westchester Table Tennis Center in Pleasantville New York is the best location on the East Coast to house a table tennis birthday party. The space, 2700 Square Feet, holds 6 professional state of the art table tennis tables, hard wood floor, high ceiling and bright lights. This makes it a perfect, fun, and inviting spot to play table tennis. We know table tennis and can work well with large groups.

We will run and coordinate the entire event, providing two expert coaches to run mini table tennis clinic and set up stations and interactive games - around the world, hit the target, meet the table tennis robot (ball tossing machine), forehand, backhand, drills, all designed to keep invitees fully engaged. It?s a learning experience! Expert coaches will run exciting, engaging double elimination table tennis tournament for those participants interested in competing. It?s a super fun day for all.

Cost $00 (surcharges may apply when total guests exceed 24).

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