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Blade Sealing Service

Blade Sealing Service

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Blade Sealing Service


Buying a custom made racket from our store?

We recommend that you include our expert blade sealing service. With blade sealing we will, before we glue rubber top sheets to your newly purchased racket:

  • Apply a liberal, but a thin coat of professional table tennis lacquer to your racket;
  • Wipe it clean, ensuring a smooth, even coat.
  • Allow sufficient time to dry and harden.

This process allows the applied table tennis lacquer to ever so slightly absorb into the wood surface of your blade, hardening it and preventing it from splintering - a little like fingernail polish on a nail, but much more delicate.

The result is your lacquered blade will be protected when your rubber sheet needs to be pulled up and replaced. Here is a video explaining the process.


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