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Butterfly Table Tennis

Butterfly Addoy 1000 - Modern Table Tennis Racket

Butterfly Addoy 1000 - Modern Table Tennis Racket

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Butterfly Addoy 1000 - Modern Table Tennis Racket.

The Butterfly Addoy 1000 is designed for the recreational table tennis player who seeks control and a little bit of spin. An ideal family or game room racket. It produces some spin and allows the ball to arc with topspin and float with underspin. The 1000 comes with a stylish all wood handle in blue.

The Addoy series from Butterfly is designed for the beginning recreational player. The Addoy rubber produces more speed than spin and is ideal for those just starting to learn the basics. The less aggressive Addoy surface and thinner sponge layer helps to emphasize control play.

Manufacturer Specifications:

Speed = 75 / Spin = 50 / Control = 100
1.5mm Sponge
Flared Handle

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