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Butterfly Table Tennis

Butterfly Aibiss Table Tennis Rubber

Butterfly Aibiss Table Tennis Rubber

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Butterly Aibiss Table Tennis Rubber

Aibiss is a high-friction rubber which balances the characteristics of a friction rubber and more traditional high-quality Butterfly rubber sheets.

A specialized top sheet that enables heavy spin is combined with a hard sponge; this results in high speed as well as devastating spin potential. Aibiss, with heavy spin and a high throw angle, is recommended for the player who aims at making the best use of the spin and counter-attacking game.

Manufacturer Specifications:

High-friction rubber with the degree spring sponge
Medium-High speed with as much spin as Dignics 64, all with a higher throw angle which gives more margin over the net
Perfect for the counter attacking player who values precision and heavy-spin play
Class: High-Friction Pimples-in
Surface: Inverted
Speed: 10.5
Spin: 11
Density: 50
Made in Japan

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