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Butterfly Table Tennis

Butterfly Cyclone 4-Player Set

Butterfly Cyclone 4-Player Set

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Butterfly Cyclone 4-Player Set

This is an old-school racket used by the great players in the 1940s. Great for control play and long rallies.
Pips-out surface with no sponge layer, more commonly referred to as "hardbat". A hardbat racket will offer sharp, crisp strokes. The pips-out surface provides a satisfactory amount of spin and helps reduce opponent's spin.
Meets ITTF's red/black color rule stating one side of racket must be black and other red.

This 4-Player set includes four Cyclone rackets & three MK-1 Star balls.

Also available: Individual racket, 4-player set and a bulk box of 100 that is ideal for institutions.

Manufacturer Specifications:

Surface: Pips-Out, No Sponge
Speed: 60
Spin: 50
Control: 90

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