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Butterfly Table Tennis

Butterfly Free Chack 90 ml - Table Tennis Glue

Butterfly Free Chack 90 ml - Table Tennis Glue

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Free Chack Glue is completely free from organic solvents and made from 100% Liquidized natural caoutchouc (natural rubber). After a short drying period, it sticks the sponge and the blade surface together perfectly. It is also very easy to remove the rubber from the blade and to peel off the remaining glue from the sponge.

The 90 Ml bottle is of great value over the 37 mil. We recommend this size for purchase.

Comes with One Clip Applicator and 15 sponges.

Note: We suggest that you rinse each sponge immediately after use with water. This allows one to re-use the sponges.

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