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der-materialspezialist Firestorm - Short Pips Rubber

der-materialspezialist Firestorm - Short Pips Rubber

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der-materialspezialist Firestorm combines a new type of top rubber with an extremely fast sponge, with a catapult and maximum speed glue effect.

Firestorm offers sensational catapult, speed, and control.

The unique structure of the short pimple geometry and the smooth pimple heads ensure both disruption effect, flat ball trajectory, and insensitivity to incoming spin.

Despite the high-speed values, the rubber offers excellent control, especially when blocking.

Firestorm: Very explosive short pimples for no-holds-barred offensive play with deadly hits.

Manufacturer Specifications:

Speed: 108
Control: 90
Spin: 82
Hardness: Medium+

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